Vacuum Cleaner LP 1/16 Luxe

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Vacuum Cleaner LP 1/16 LUXE 

has been designed by IP Cleaning engineers to combine performance and eco-sustainability in order to be more environmentally friendly. The eco-motor provides 33 kWh/year less energy consumption and a durability of up to 800 hours without loss of performance. The extremely quiet operation of the machine also makes it suitable for environments where discretion is required, such as offices, schools or hospitals. 


  • Extremely Flexible Hooks
  • Screwing Connection - Hose Always Fastened
  • EcoMotor - Best Performance With Maximum Energy Saving
  • EcoBrush - Powerful Combi Nozzle For High Cleaning Efficacy
  • EcoBag - High Efficiency Filtration And Containment (Class M Certified)
  • New Ergonomic Solution
  • Speed and Noise Regulator
  • Bag Full Indicator - Warning light "on" when bag is full
  • Detachable Cable
  • Reliable Construction For Intensive Use 

 For more information please check LP 1/16 Luxe leaflet.