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Only Scrub

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Only Scrub is black abrasive microfibre dust mop, designed by IPC for removing encrusted dirt with a double passage action: abrasive and absorbent with the other fringe.
Excellent smoothness on all types of floor and easy to rinse.
It is ideal for the cleaning anti-slip floors in kitchens and bathrooms, shower areas of hospital rooms, rough floors and other tiles or relief surfaces. 

Size: 40cm x 11cm

Key Features

  • Cleaning Method: Washing
  • Degree of dirt: High
  • Black abrasive microfibre suitable for removing encrusted dirt
  • Type of surface: Sandstone - Tiles
  • Version Available: Pockets, Pockets e Flap, Pockets e Special Flaps, Only Special Flaps, Pockets e Special Flaps Deluxe 

Not all features are available for all product variants.

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