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Premium Hygiene 40x11

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Premium Hygiene is a blue microfiber short pile for floors and surfaces. The slightly abrasive inserts are made for thorough and deep cleaning. Resistant to bleaching and aggressive detergents, it can be used on surfaces such as stoneware, stone, rubber, linoleum, PVC. Premium Hygiene is ideal for the environments with high risk of bacterial contamination: hospitals, health centres, etc. 

Size: 40cm x 11cm

Key Features:

  • Available also Deluxe (with inner padding)
  • Type of surface: Hard & Soft
  • Cleaning Methods: Washing & Disinfection
  • Degree of dirt: Medium-High
  • Blue microfiber short pile with slightly abrasive inserts for a thorough and deep cleaning
  • Bleach and aggressive detergents resistant
  • Version available: Pockets, Pockets e Flap, Pockets e Special Flaps, Pockets e Special Flaps Deluxe
Not all features are available for all product variants.

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