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SG 48

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SG-48 Steam Generator

is a professional steam cleaner, able to remove the toughest dirt without leaving traces.

Reaching up to 180°C and with a pressure of 8 bar, a deep and safe cleaning is guaranteed for all surfaces. The SG-48’s trolley and boiler are made of stainless steel, ensuring a long life.

What really makes the SG-48 a class apart from other steam cleaners is the possibility to combine steam and detergent cleaning, meaning more power, more versatility and more durability. 


  • Temperature up 180°C and a pressure of 8 bar
  • Guarantees in-depth cleaning of all surfaces without damage
  • Top quality products with stainless steel high capacity boilers and chassis and trolley
  • Unlimited working time
  • Completely safe 

For more information check SG 48 Leaflet.