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  • Window Cleaning Tools

    New range of window cleaning tools from IPC Worldwide at Advanced Cleaning Supplies shop in Farranfore (also will be available online soon). Design...
  • Christmas Delivery Notice

    Please pay attention that orders placed after 21 December 3:00pm will not be processed until 4 of January of 2021. We apologies for all inconvenience caused.
  • Manual Floor Care Tools

    As an irish sole distributor for IPC Worldwide cleaning machines, we able to offer new range of manual floor cleaning tools.
  • Fully Compostable Bin Liners in Stock

    Fully compostable bin liners.

    Perfect for food waste, bags turns in to compost in 4-6 weeks. Eco friendly bin liners contains no plastic and suitable for home composting and food waste bins.

  • Advanced Virucidal Surface Sanitizer

    Manufactured by Advanced Cleaning Supplies. 

    Advanced Virucidal Surface Sanitizer ideal for use in food machinery, filling and packing equipment, counter tops, sink areas, chopping boards, cutting and sawing equipment, all food preparation areas. 

  • Alcohol Hand Gel Sanitizer

    Alcohol hand sanitizing gel contains 70% ethanol. 50ml spray bottle size makes it perfect to carry it in your bag. It's a perfect travel companion which keeps your hands germ & virus free.
  • IPC 750 Walk Behind Sweeper

    The IPC 750 walk behind sweeper is designed for cleaning small to medium spaces. Suitable for both indoor and outdoor use. Large capacity container is a great bonus too.
  • IPC Worldwide floor cleaning machines at Advanced Cleaning Supplies

    Dry or Wet Vacuum Cleaner, Scrubber Drier, Hi-Pressure Vacuum Cleaner, Steam Generator or any other type of cleaning machine - we will find one that fits your needs.

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  • CT 5 Floor Cleaning in Action

    CT5 ideal for cleaning small and medium areas. Light and easy to handle, it is designed to meet the needs of daily cleaning. 
  • New LP 1/12 ECO B Dry Vacuum Cleaner at Advanced Cleaning Supplies

    LP 1/12 ECO B is perfect for hotels, restaurants and offices, and operates easily on small surfaces like carpets, rugs and hard floors.
  • Introducing new Chemical free Glass Cleaner

    Completely chemical-free glass cleaner. Perfect results anytime. No smears, no streaks, no residue. Suitable for any type of glass - mirrors, windows, glass tables.